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Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics

We host low cost spay/neuter clinics each week, open to qualifying low-income clients with no residency restrictions and no maximum number of animals per household (for information about vaccines and microchips only, not spay and neuter surgeries, please click here). As we continue to provide citizens with as many days of service as possible, we host various veterinarians who have graciously agreed to share their time and talent in our building.

Spay and neuter surgery dates will vary due to the schedules of the veterinarians, but typically we are only open on Monday, Tuesday, and sometimes Wednesday. Please see Clinic Dates for more information. Unless special arrangements have been made in advance, all animals must be dropped off during intake hours (7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.) on the day of the surgery, and picked up later that same day before we close.

Clients can schedule an appointment for surgery through our main phone number. We appreciate your patience in getting an appointment as these clinics are very popular and we rely on a limited staff and volunteers to answer calls and return messages during business hours and while the clinic is closed. If you are calling for appointment information on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, it is best times to call are from 9 am to 4 pm. Early mornings and late afternoons are dedicated to intake of animals and your call will go to a voice mail.  In the event you reach voice mail, please leave a message stating your name, phone number, and if you have a dog or cat male or female to be altered.   You might be contacted by an unfamiliar phone number with an out-of-state area code, as we often work remotely when the clinic is closed.  We often receive  50 plus calls we receive every day so we appreciate your patience and it is our goal to call you back within 48 hours.   Your call will be returned so it is not necessary to call repeatedly.  

 Because last-minute cancellations and no-shows are very disruptive to our practice and ultimately hinder our efforts to serve as many clients as possible, any clients wishing to reschedule an appointment on short notice or to make appointments for multiple animals may be asked to pre-pay a non-refundable deposit or pay for all services in full BEFORE we will schedule or re-schedule the appointment(s). If you were eligible for an additional discount or special program when the original appointment was made, we cannot guarantee that those same funds will be available for a rescheduled appointment.

We are located at:
1909 W Huntsville Ave
Springdale, AR 72762

Phone: 479-756-1100

Email: spayarkansas@gmail.com   Available to schedule vaccine appointments but not surgery appointments please.

A list of available appointment dates can be seen here.


Veterinarian Fees:

  • Cat spay or neuter: $30. Price does not include the required rabies vaccination; please see below under “Rabies Vaccination” for important information.
  • Dog spay or neuter, under 50 pounds: $45. Price does not include the required rabies vaccination; please see below under “Rabies Vaccination” for important information.
  • Dog spay or neuter, 50-75 pounds: $55. Price does not include the required rabies vaccination; please see below under “Rabies Vaccination” for important information.
  • Dog spay or neuter over 75 pounds: $1 per pound (For example, a 78-pound dog will cost $78.) Price does not include the required rabies vaccination; please see below under “Rabies Vaccination” for important information.
  • Rabies Vaccination: $5 with surgery (or $10 if given at one of our monthly vaccine clinics.)
  •   In Arkansas, rabies vaccines are only recognized by authorities when administered by a licensed veterinarian. Unless proof of current veterinarian-administered rabies vaccine is provided prior to or at intake, a rabies vaccine will be given on the day of the surgery for $5 if the animal is at least 4 months old. 
  • Additional Optional Vaccinations: FVRCP (cats) or DHLP (dogs): $10
  • Microchip (Required by city ordinance in Fayetteville and Springdale): $20
  • Nail trim: $5 with surgery (Not offered at monthly vaccine clinics.)
  • De-wormer: $5 per dose
  • Capstar: $5 per dose (Required if animal has excessive fleas; lasts for only 24 hours and does not prevent fleas from returning.)
Pregnancy ( this is difficult on the animals so please bring them before this happens
$10 Extra
In Heat No Extra Charge
Cryptorchid Males $15 Extra per side. 
Umbilical Hernia Repair $15 Extra
Antibiotics if necessary varies


PLEASE NOTE: Cash payment is due to the veterinarian at intake. Sorry, we cannot accept checks or credit/debit cards at our office. You may arrange to pay via card in advance.( there is a $3 service charge per transaction. ) Clients with multiple pets scheduling all on the same day will be asked to put down a nonrefundable deposit to secure the block of time necessary to care for your animals. Checks are also held  as collateral when borrowing a cat carrier or humane trap.

Cats MUST be brought in a secure carrier or crate, not held in your arms or in a cardboard box. (We have carriers available to loan). Dogs must be on a leash, even when being held in your arms.


Maximum Income Limits

1 person      $33,350
2 persons    $38,100
3 persons    $42,850
4 persons    $47,60
5 persons    $51,450
6 persons    $55,250
7 persons    $59,050
8 persons    $62,850

Additional Information

  • Dogs and cats are at higher risk of infection if spayed while lactating, so may require post-op antibiotics for an additional fee. It is best to keep puppies or kittens off the mother for at least 2 weeks before her spay surgery to avoid this risk.
  • Puppies and kittens can get pregnant as young as five months old!
  • We can sometimes spay females as young as 2 pounds (about 2 months old) but this is often only done when the animal is going into rescue or is being transported to another owner. Ideally  you should wait until 4 months of age. The veterinarian on duty will determine if the animal is large enough for the spay incision to be made. All decisions regarding the size and health of the animal are made by the veterinarian.  If your pet is not a candidate due to poor health, we have referrals to local partnering vets that serve our clients at very reasonable rates.

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Click on the green paw print below to pay for a spay/neuter surgery online (please add $3 processing fee.)